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  • Students purchasing from The Bruin Bookstore are protected from such changes when return policy requirements are met. The bookstore is not liable for purchases made from other sources using the information provided on this site.
  • If you select to accept substitutions (you will be prompted in the ordering process), the price will be changed accordingly. 
  • All orders will be charged when you finalize your order online.
  • Once you confirm your order you will receive a confirmation number.  If you do not, you will need to complete the transaction.
  • A canceled order after the returns period may be charged a $10 Restocking Fee.
  • Undergraduate Students
    You must use a credit card.  We are not allowed to charge books to undergraduate student accounts using our online system.  Any orders not providing a credit card will be canceled.

  • Graduate Students
    You may use a credit card, or charge your books to your student account (limited time each semester).
    Student Account Charges:
    Once we process your order the status will change to "Cancelled". Your order is still valid. Do not place a new order for these books.  Since we must manually charge the student account orders, we need to change the status to "cancelled" to get it cleared from our system.  By continuing with your order, you are agreeing to this statement:  I authorize George Fox University to charge my purchase of books and supplies to my student account.  I further authorize George Fox University to use federal funds from the current academic year to pay for these items.  I understand that if a sufficient credit is not present when these charges are placed on my account, the balance for these items is immediately due and payable and subject to financial penalties.  I also understand that failure to pay my student account will result in registration holds and a reported debt to the credit bureau(s) used by George Fox; and should it be necessary to turn my account to collections, I understand that I am responsible for all litigation and collection costs incurred by the University.

Newberg Undergrad Students:  If you are planning to live on campus or in Newberg, please select "Newberg Store Pick Up" as your shipping option.

Check your email daily in case we have questions about your order. Please allow 1 business day to process your order for shipment.  UPS is our preferred method of shipping, which allows orders to be tracked.  Shipping charges are $7.95 for the first item, $1 for each additional item (non-refundable).

When prompted to select your shipping method, please choose "_______ Store Pick Up" (Newberg, Portland, or Salem).  The shipping fee will be removed from your order at that point. Salem Students: The courier delivery to Salem is every Monday and Thursday. The Salem Center has limited hours, please call the Salem Center at (971) 239-4930 before picking up your textbooks.   Please allow 24 hours (one full business day) for processing your order.  All orders will be charged when you place your order (no "reservations").  Please pick up your order by the end of the first week of classes (deadline for refunds, returns, and exchanges).  Your order confirmation number and a photo ID will be required to pick up your order.

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